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      May 01, 2008  Kim S. Michael A. via

      This review is specifically in regards to Stephen Ikemiya DDS who does general dentistry with the Monterey Peninsula Dental Group.So two years ago I moved to Monterey. Slightly less than two years ago my dental insurance kicked in. I didn't bother to do anything about this until a month ago. Highly responsible, don't you think? Well I'll admit it, my one of major hang-up was having to find a good dentist. I finally asked one of my coworkers and got Dr Ikemiya's name.I called and made an appointment. Ironically, 6 hours after that call I broke off a huge filling eating an Almond Joy. Can you believe that? I go two years without seeing a dentist, and then go and break a tooth the same day I call one?!?! It was meant to be I guess.My appointment was yesterday. I fully expected to be subjected to a painful cleaning, told I had a million cavities, and then lectured on the care and keeping of teeth. However, this appointment turned out to be unlike any dentist experience I've had before.I sat down in the dentist chair, and then proceeded to have a discussion about my goals and objectives with the dentist and dental hygienist. He then suggested it was unusual for someone my age to be going around busting her teeth so he wanted to investigate why that might be happening. Anyway, it was very interesting....and I left impressed and feeling that I was in good hands. My only complaints so far is that he's part of this dental 'group' so they're all interconnected, but at the same time each dentist has his own receptionist etc. So I found myself calling the wrong phone numbers right off the bat. And then when I arrived at my appointment finding out where to go was like doing a maze because there are reception desk all over the place in that building. Also, since we're going on beyond the 'basics' for my teeth, I'm sure this is going to add up quick money-wise so if you're on a budget, this might not be the place for you. He mentioned costs as we discussed my options which was really handy, but again, once you say yes to one thing, it's hard to say no to the next progressive option. And since my next appointment is for xrays and a consultation, then I'm sure there will have to be a third appointment for the actual cleaning etc, and then a fourth appointment to work on my teeth, and I can see this going on and on. Let's hope it's worth it and my dental insurance is as good as I've heard it is!

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